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Educational and Relationship Books:

***** Begin With the Brain : Orchestrating the Learner-Centered Classroom

     by Martha Kaufeldt


***** Becoming a 'Wiz' at Brain-Based Teaching : How to Make Every Year Your Best Year    by Marilee B. Sprenger


***** Brain-based Learning by Eric Jensen


***** Brain-Based Learning With Class by Colleen Politano, Joy Paquin


*** Brain-Compatible Classrooms by Robin Fogarty


***** The Brain Pack: An Interactive, Three-Dimensional Exploration of the

   Mysteries of the Mind with Book and Cards and Cassette(s) and Other and Puzzle

      by Ron Van Der Meer


**** Bringing Out the Giftedness in Your Child: Nurturing Every Child's Unique Strengths, Talents, and Potential

        by Rita Stafford Dunn, Kenneth Dunn, Donald Treffinger

***** Cognitive Styles and Learning Strategies: Understanding Style Differences in

Learning and Behaviour   by Rayner, Richard Riding, Stephen R. Rayner


**** Complete Guide to the Learning Styles Inservice System, The

      by Rita Stafford Dunn, Kenneth J. Dunn


**** Completing the Puzzle : The Brain-Compatible Approach to Learning

       by Eric Jensen


**** Color Atlas of Neuroscience : Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology (Thieme Flexibook)    by Ben Greenstein, Adam Greenstein


***** Different Brains, Different Learners: How to Reach the Hard to Reach

      by Eric Jensen


**** Discover Your Child's Learning Style : Children Learn in Unique Ways--Here's the Key to Every Child's Learning Success 

by Mariaemma Willis, Victoria Kindle-Ho


***** The Dominance Factor : How Knowing Your Dominant Eye, Ear, Brain, Hand, & Foot Can Improve Your Learning

      by Carla Hannaford



***** Effective Teaching, Effective Learning : Making the Personality Connection in Your Classroom    by Alice M. Fairhurst, Lisa Fairhurst (Contributor)


**** Emotional Intelligence Works : Developing 'People Smart' Strategies (Crisp Fifty-Minute Book)

     by S. Michael, Ph.D. Kravitz, Susan D. Schubert, Michael Kravitz


**** Emotional Literacy : To Be a Different Kind of Smart    by Rob Bocchino


*****Envoy : Your Personal Guide to Classroom Management

      by Michael Grinder


**** For the Learners’ Sake    by Judy Stevens, Dee Goldberg


***** The Great Memory Book    by Karen Markowitz, Eric Jensen


*** The Handbook of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership : Inspiring Others to Achieve Results   by Daniel A. Feldman


**** How to Implement and Supervise a Learning Style Program

     by Rita Stafford Dunn


***** I Am the Child      by Cecilia K. Freeman



**** Improved Test Scores, Attitudes, and Behaviors in America's Schools : Supervisors' Success Stories by Rita Stafford Dunn (Editor), Thomas C. Debello (Editor) Rita C. Dunn


***** Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century

       by Howard Gardner


***** The Leader's Handbook: Making Things Happen, Getting Things Done

      by Peter R. Scholtes, Russell Lincoln Ackoff (Preface)


***** Joyful Fluency           by Eric Jensen, Eric Jensen, Lynn Freeman Dhority


***** Leading and Learning in Schools by Henry G. Cram, Vito Germinario     


***** Leading in a Culture of Change      by Michael Fullan


***** Learning Smarter: The New Science of  Teaching

       by Eric Jensen, Michael Dabney (Contributor)


*** Learning Styles : Quiet Revolution in American Secondary Schools

       by Rita Dunn, Shirley A. Griggs


**** Learning Styles    by Barbara K. Given


***** Learning with the Body in Mind                    by Eric Jensen


***** Master it Faster : T Learn Faster, Make Good Decisions and Think Creatively

              by Colin Rose


***** Making the Brain Body Connection : A Playful Guide to Releasing Mental, Physical & Emotinal Blocks to Success

by Sharon Promislow, Catherine Levan (Illustrator)


*** MindGym      Other products by Pearson Software


*****Your Miracle Brain     by Jean Carper


*****Music with the Brain in Mind  by Eric Jensen




**** The Power to Learn : Stories of Success in the Education of Asian and Other Bilingual Pupils        by Terry Wrigley


**** Practical Approaches to Using Learning Styles in Higher Education

         by Rita Stafford Dunn (Editor), Shirley A. Griggs (Editor)


***** Punished By Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise, and Other Bribes        by Alfie Kohn


***** The Relationship Code : Deciphering Genetic and Social Influences on Adolescent Development (Adolescent Lives)

      by David Reiss, Jenae M. Neiderhiser, E. Mavis Hetherington, r Plomin


***** The Relationship Cure: A Five-Step Guide for Building Better Connections with Family, Friends, and Lovers

      by John M. Gottman, Joan Declaire


***** Schools That Learn: A Fifth Discipline Fieldbook for Educators, Parents, and

         Everyone Who Cares About Education

           by Peter M. Senge (Editor)


***** The Schools Our Children Deserve : Moving Beyond Traditional Classrooms and Tougher Standards      by Alfie Kohn


***** The Secret of a Winning Culture

         by Larry E. Senn, John R. Childress, Warren G. Bennis


***** Sizzle & Substance by Eric Jensen


***** Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom: Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use to Meet the Academic Needs of the Gifted and Talented (Revised and Updated Edition)

          by Susan Winebrenner, Pamela Espeland (Editor)


****** Teaching Kids With Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom : Strategies and Techniques Every Teacher Can Use to Challenge and Motivate struggli

          by Susan Winebrenner, Pamela Espeland


**** Teaching Secondary Students Through Their Individual Learning Styles: Practical Approaches for Grades 7-12

           by Rita Stafford Dunn, Kenneth J. Dunn


***** Ten Steps to a Learning Organization

          by Bernard Saunders, Peter Kline


**** Trainer's Bonanza     by Eric P. Jensen


***** Try and Make Me! : A Revolutionary Program for Raising Your Defiant Child – Without Losing Your Cool

    by Ray Levy, Ray Levy Ph.D., Bill O'Hanlon, Tyler Norris Goode (Contributor)           


**** What to Look for in a Classroom: And Other Essays

           by Alfie Kohn





**** Cut-Thru: How to Care Without Becoming a Victim

          by Doc Lew Childre, Lew Childre


***** From Chaos to Coherence (The Power to Change Performance)


**** Freeze-Frame : One Minute Stress Management : A Scientifically Proven

     Technique for Clear Decision Making and Improved Health

           by Doc Childre, Bruce Cryer


**** The Hidden Power of the Heart : Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence        by Sara Paddison


**** The How to Book of Teen Self Discovery : Helping Teens Find Balance,

Security and Esteem  by Doc Lew Childre


***** Teaching Children to Love : 80 Games & Fun Activities for Raising Balanced Children in Unbalanced Times

  by Doc Lew Childre, Sara Hatch Paddison (Editor), Deborah Rozman (Editor)





***** Adventures With Time Lines   by Bob G. Bodenhamer, L. Michael Hall


** Basic Techniques Book II (Skill Builder Series)  by Clifford Wright


***** Change Management Excellence: Putting NLP To Work In The 21st Century

           by Martin Roberts


*** Communication Excellence: Using NLP to Supercharge Your Business Skills

            by Ian R. McLaren


***** Do One Thing Different : Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life

            by Bill O'Hanlon, William Hudson O'Hanlon


**** The Effective Delivery of Training Using Nlp : A Handbook of Tools, Techniques and Practical Exercises

             by Ted Garratt

** The Excellent Trainer : Putting Nlp to Work         by Di Kamp


**** Extraordinary Solutions to Everyday Problems: Simple Strategies that Work

        by Joseph O'Connor


***** A Guide to Possibility Land: Fifty-One Methods for Doing Brief, Respectful Therapy   by William Hudson O'Hanlon, Sandy Beadle,


**** Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming : Psychological Skills for Understanding and Influencing People

         by Joseph O'Conner, John Seymour (Contributor), Joseph O'Connor


***** Leading WIth NLP : Essential Leadership Skills for Influencing and Managing People         by Joseph O'Connor


**** Manage Yourself, Manage Your Life : Vital Nlp Techniques for Personal Well-Being and Professinal Success

        by Ian McDermott, Ian Shircore


**** Maps, Models and the Structure of Reality : Nlp Technology in Psychotherapy

       by Kim Kostere, Linda Malatesta, Leslie Cameron-Bandler  (Preface)




**** Me, Myself, My Team: How To Become An Effective Team Player Using NLP

                     by Angus McLeod


***** Modeling With Nlp     by Robert Dilts


***** Motivation Profile Guidebook (Ringbound Ed.)   by Gregory Engel


**** Networking for Success : The Nlp Approach to a Key Business and Social Skill

           by Carol Harris


***** New Perspectives: NLP           by Carol Harris


*** NLP     by Joseph O'Connor, Ian McDermott


***** NLP and Relationships     by Joseph O'Connor, Robin Prior


***** NLP Business Masterclass     by David Molden


***** Personality Selling : Using NLP and the Enneagram to Understand People and How They Are Influenced       by Albert J. Valentino

***** Principles of Nlp     by Joseph O'Connor, Ian McDermott


**** The Secrets of Magic    by Bob G. Bodenhamer, L. Michael Hall


***** Sleight of Mouth : The Magic of Conversational Belief Change

          by Robert Dilts


***** Solution-Focused School Counselor: Shaping Professional Practice

          by Thomas E. Davis, Cynthia J. Osborn


**** SOCIALISING FOR SUCCESS      by Clare Walker



          by L. Michael Hall, Barbara P. Belnap, Michael Hall


**** Sporting Excellence: Optimising Sports Performance Using NLP

          by Ted Garratt


** Successful Communication Through Nlp : A Trainer's Guide

                     by Sally Dimmick



***** Tools of the Spirit        by Robert Dilts, Robert McDonald


***** The User's Manual for the Brain

        by Bob G. Bodenhamer, L. Michael, Ph.D Hall, L. Michael.Hall


**** Way of Nlp    by Joseph O'Connor, Ian McDermott


**** When What You'Ve Got Is Not What You Want : Use Nlp to Creat the Life You Want and Live It to the Full (Pathways, 11)

          by Sandra Cain, Michelle Maxwell



***** Hermitage-A Russian Odyssey


***** Sister Wendy's Story of Painting


**** Virtual Art Museum      Fogware Publishing




*****Anthony De Mello : Writings (Modern Spiritual Masters Series)

         by Anthony De Mello, William Dych (Editor)


**** The Changing Face of the Priesthood: A Reflection on the Priest's Crisis of Soul

          by Donald B. Cozzens


***** Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan : Insight : A Study of Human Understanding   by Bernard J. F. Lonergan, Robert M. Doran (Editor), Frederick E. Crowe, Bernard Lonegran


***** Emotional Alchemy : How the Mind Can Heal the Heart

         by Tara Bennett-Goleman


***** Impelling Spirit : Revisiting a Founding Experience : 1539 : Ignatius of Loyola and His Companions : An Exploration into the Spirit and Aims of the so

         by Joseph F. Conwell, Vincent T. O'Keefe


***** Walking on Water         by Anthony De Mello, Anthony Demello




**** Handwriting Insights: The 5 minute Handwriting Analysis Kit

       by Melinda C. Kohn


**** Amazing Face Reading : An Illustrated Encyclopedia for Reading Faces

       by Mac Fulfer, Dean Schlect, Sandra Williams (Illustrator)

***** Face Language 2000 E-Z 10 Second Personality Speed Reading System :

         Advanced Social Technology for Today's World

        by Jon E. Prescott, David E. Prescott